Busy? So?


I don’t know many people who say, “Oh yeah, sure! I have all that free time!” I’m pretty sure that everyone I know is balancing work, family, friends, a project of some kind and their own recharge/slack time. I find it far too easy to fall into a pattern where I judge the quality of busy-ness. Thankfully, thoughts thoughts don’t often get the better of me, but it happens…

Take, for instance, my class mates. They frequently say they are too busy to get their part of an assignment completed. They cite their other class (or classes) and a family obligation of some sort, and I do my best to appear clinically neutral.

What i want to do is engage in a futile pissing contest. I want to scream, “oh! I’m just balancing a full class load, a difficult case load and your bullshit files!” That wouldn’t accomplish anything, let alone make me feel better.

I had Hoped that After years of working with difficult clients and families, I would have more resilience that passive-aggressive comebacks, but lately, that’s all I have. And sadly, I don’t think I’m alone.

Busy and just plain out of resilience.

What is there to do?

I have a few ideas, not the least of which is helping people (and myself) learn to cope. First and foremost, I think this:


It’s okay to be overwhelmed, distant, upset or sad. It’s okay to be mad at a friend, coworker or your country. What matters most is how we act. Most of all, we need to be okay with ourselves.

I think that’s key. And I think I have a post for tomorrow.


Over the past month, we’ve had a two dozen showings, daily deep cleanings, three intakes, two evals and half a dozen other things that I don’t really remember doing. I cut down on blog posts, phone calls and WoW.

Things that occurred over the past few days:

1) This American Life’s live program

2) Signed a Contract with a buyer.

3) Made Breakfast.

I’ll let Shannon tell you the rest

Holy Shit! Sunday?!

I worked half the day on Saturday, and Scott Simon was on Sunday Edition this morning. It’s really played with my idea of time today. So, for the first of March, I phone it in with a pic of the dog I would love to own one day.


I have no idea what to call dream dog.* Feel free to leave one in the comments.

*Its a dream dog. Owning this dog is based solely on what I deem cute. If we could have, and afford, a dog a this point, I do no think dream dog would work.


I thought I had made progress in accepting my need for eight hours of sleep. I do enjoy sleeping–I don’t wait until I am about to pass out to go to sleep these days–and I usually wake up feeling refreshed enough to make coffee.

This ended when I went to Unabridged Books with Falconesse. There are far, far too many books I need to read for me to sleep eight hours a night. Then I saw Gears of War 2…hell. This is, of course, not to mention Wrath of the Lich King.

Then there is the blog, my continuing education goals and my desire to make more money so I can get her premium truffles while she has a month off before going to school full time.

I need to sleep, but I’m not sure I want to anymore. Too much to do.