On Being Okay

Before I started writing this, I had a clear message about what is, and what is not, okay. When I started writing, I realized that this is something that may not be suited to a blog post. That should have stopped me from writing, but, I do think that being okay is something that we, as a culture, really need to discuss more. I should make it clear: I’m not mad at me or anyone else. I am just trying to process what Being Okay really means.

Being okay isn’t easy and let me be perfectly honest: I don’t think it should be. On some level, we should always strive to be better people than we were the day before. Some of us (myself included) take this too far and we beat the hell out of ourselves for things we should have let go of years ago. Other people are too full of themselves/selfish to realize the shouldn’t be okay with who they are… But this isn’t a therapy blog, nor is it really my place to deem who should (and shouldn’t be) okay.

Being okay is a baseline: It is the state of mind from which we can determine if we are doing well or if we need help. If hang ups, thoughts or feelings get in the way of being okay, then its time to do something about them. Take time off, talk to someone, turn off the TV…And if we can’t do that, then its time to talk to a professional.

Being okay is actually a pretty difficult place to be. But it is a worthy place to be.