Windows Security

I’m not a Windows user. My heart is actually a chrome apple with a bit chewed out. Seriously, this is why I have frequent, and weird, chest pains. But now I’m using more and more Windows machines that I am “responsible” for. What should I install on my machine to keep it safe?

6 thoughts on “Windows Security

  1. I use McAfee, and Norton is pretty good too. Both have a combined package you can get that has virus, firewall, phishing, junk mail, etc.

  2. I’ve got a two-prong approach on the netbook. 1) Run Ubuntu as much as possible, as nothing can execute without my permission. Bwahaha! It does bring the control freak out a bit, though. 2) I’ve been using Aivra AntiVir when I have to run the Windows. It is free but still rigorous. That combined with the Spybot: Search and Destroy program have kept things pretty good. (The netbook came with McAfee, and I tried out Norton for a bit. As this is a -very- low end computer, both of those programs slowed everything down enormously. They did work well, though.)

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