Two Quick and Unrelated Things

1) Ira Glass and the staff (including contributors) of This American Life are the coolest people in radio.

2) There is no way that we, as a country, can go back to the Clinton years. The world has moved on since then. It is useless to dream about “The good old days.” Wether the Dems nominate Hillary or Barack is immaterial to this point. What the nominee needs to do is move forward and realign our place in the world. So please stop bringing up how good the 90s were. The 10’s are going to need a fuckton of work.

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6 thoughts on “Two Quick and Unrelated Things

  1. So, you want to talk about 1992? 🙂

    I’d hit Ira Glass. Do we know if he’s dating anyone? Man, AG would like to stick a fork in that lucious piece of meat.

    Oh yeah… what were we talking about?

  2. AG, I have good news and bad news.

    1) he is of the tribe.

    2) He is recently, and very happily, married.

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