A Brilliant Idea

In between studying for the supervisor’s exam and writing two (or three) evaluations, I am thinking about sailing around the world.

I don’t have a boat, I’ve never sailed and I don’t have the bank roll for this kind of adventure. At the same time, I don’t get motion sick, I learn quickly and I like 19th century naval hats. I figure if I tie my work goals in with this sailing idea, and I am properly motivated, I can make it happen.

Right now, however, I have to document a 13 year old’s inappropriate sexual behavior. My dreams of sailing to the West Indies are on hold.

One thought on “A Brilliant Idea

  1. Strangely , I’ve been thinking the same thing. I figure it’ll be easier in a few decades, after the ports have all moved inland considerably from their current location. WE should go for your 50th birthday! i swear not to mutiny…at least not quickly.

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