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I imagine the Republican machine isn’t completely happy today. They have the ”experience” card, but they really wanted Hillary Clinton. They’ve been waiting for Hillary Clinton. They know how to run against her. Some of them have been licking their lips in anticipation of the most sickening public political evisceration in decades. Remember when Hillary declared she and Bill were under siege by a massive right-wing conspiracy? A UK newspaper did some digging, and found it. Interviewed them and everything. And those people didn’t suddenly go out and get hobbies. Obama is a different animal, and harder to run against in many ways.

The entire post is worth reading (then again, I’m also a fan of his work in comics and fiction, so I’m biased). In the spirit of full disclosure, I need to point out that Warren Ellis scares the piss out of me. I half expect him to be able to explode people he doesn’t like with the power of his mind.

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14 thoughts on “Obamania

  1. Having met Warren Ellis in person and actually spoken to him, I can tell you that while he might be entirely capable of blowing people up with his mind, you would never notice.

    You’d be too busy laughing at his wry sense of humor.

  2. Rush is on record saying that he wanted Obama because he, “is a weak candidate.” From what I take away from Warren’s post is that the Anti Clinton machine was salivating at the chance to stick it to them again.

  3. What? Didn’t Limbaugh spend lots of time trying to get people to vote for Hillary in open primaries to weaken Obama’s chances? “Operation Chaos” or some such shit, I think it was called.

  4. Yes, Rush did exactly that. The whole point of “Operation Chaos” was to keep Hillary viable and limping along through the spring so the fight would drag on longer. Whether his influence had anything to do with it or not, that’s still what ended up happening. (I don’t agree with it, FWIW…I didn’t like it when Democrats in South Carolina crossed over in large numbers in 2000 to try and throw the primary to McCain, and I don’t like it when Republicans do it for Hillary now.)

    I still don’t think she’s going to go quietly into that good political night…this is a Clinton we’re talking about. Twelve months ago she was the Anointed One, and now it’s all fallen to dust and ashes in front of her. She still has her hardcore base and a lot of ’em are severely pissed. This ain’t over yet, kids.

    As a conservative, personally, I’d rather run against Hillary. Higher negatives, and more “traditional” laid-back Democratic support. Instead, we get the Obamessiah, who revved up 17,000 people last night like a rock star. The trick now will be to see if McCain peels off the Hillary supporters who are swearing they’ll never vote for Obama because he done their girl wrong. Five months is a lot of time for the Democrats to kiss and make up.

  5. Oh please, Lewis.

    There are three types of HRC supporters:

    A. Those who liked her, but will vote anything but the Repulican machine in the GE.
    B. Those who are pissed she was done wrong and are NOT going to vote for McCain or Obama
    C. Those who liked her for their own kind of coolness with themselves and/or their kids and were pretty unlikely to vote in the GE anyway.

    There is no McCain votes to speak of. He’s crazy with his stance on Iraq and his trophy wife to think he’s getting anything from this well.

    The folks we need to talk about are the undecided and those who did not like all three of them to begin with. AKA, the poor, the uneducated, the college educated who think they know something but really don’t, but gawd, does this iPod go with my Starbucks and wii?, , and the non English speakers who have voting power, etc., etc.

  6. So, there’s no Hillary supporters that also happen to think Obama makes a good candidate? I find this rather hard to believe.

    This, in my opinion, is greatly different from (A). Voting -for- someone is not the same, in principle, as voting against somebody else.

    I voted for Obama in the Primary. But I would’ve been more than happy to vote for Obama, Hillary or Edwards in the generals. I think all of them would make a pretty good President.

  7. To be clear: That was me nitpicking, I am guilty of doing that all too often, sadly.

    I wholeheartedly agree that, for the most part, people that voted in primaries will vote for the candidate of their party, or at least, don’t vote at all. I don’t expect many primary voters to cross party lines in the general elections (except people abusing open primaries, of course). So, this makes the ever elusive “independents/undecideds” the largest voting bloc that needs to be convinced to vote for your candidate.

  8. “There is no McCain votes to speak of. He’s crazy with his stance on Iraq and his trophy wife to think he’s getting anything from this well.”

    I have to say that I think that is completely off base. Honestly, McCain appeals to a lot of people because he is a maverick. He’s bucked the party trend of being stupidly conservative on a lot of social issues. He has crossed the aisle to get legislation done.

    That kind of politician appeals to many people. Look at Ross Perot.

  9. the more McCain embraces Bush administration rhetoric, policies and stances, the less he can call himself a maverick.

    By sticking with bush in the new GI bill, he loses the maverick cred.

    His Iraq policy is not maverick worthy.

    While his environment policy is a step in the right direction, it isnt enough to be a maverick.

    Worst of all, turning his back on the torture issue makes him anything but a maverick

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