Not enough time? Ask for a Continuance

Via New Administration Backs Bush Secrecy Policy : NPR.

Many senior Obama nominees for national security positions have not yet been confirmed. Robert Raben, a former U.S. assistant attorney general during the Clinton administration, believes the administration’s position on state secrets may evolve once those people arrive. “I just don’t think there’s been enough time,” Raben said. “I don’t think every computer has been turned on in the executive branch, I don’t think every seat has been warmed by the smarties that will sit down and figure out what the policy will be.

“I think people need to stay calm,” said Raben.

In legal terms, when one is not yet ready or there is not enough time to file, one asks for a CONTINUANCE.

I do not think people should over react, but neither do I think that liberals should take this one lying down either.  Grass roots Elected our president.  Grass roots have to hold him accountable for being stupid.

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