Amen Brother Res, Amen

{the arc is long}:

I am heartbroken over the ugliness of the remarks I’ve heard from supporters of one candidate or another (both around me and in the media), and I pretty much want to grab and shake anyone who says stupid things like “I’d vote for McCain before I’d vote for [insert your least favorite candidate here]!”.  I understand that these primaries have been emotional, but come on, folks, grow up.  Step back, take a deep breath, and look at where we are.  Be realistic about what’s at stake.

Obama’s victory, now that Clinton has stated she will suspend her campaign, is starting to sink in. Res wrote a post I am jealous of. Go read it.

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    I think it’s a ghost. A ghost of happiness.

    Marty, AG wants to e-mail you. AG does not have the Marty e-mail. Could you send me it at adorablegirlfriend at yahoo dot com. Don’t worry, AG is not going to hit on you. I thought I had it from the bake-off, but maybe I missed it!

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