I Am A Nerd

So on Friday, I published a short story I wrote based on my character (and by extension, a friend’s character) from World Of Warcraft. I put up some self-depreciating tags, making fun of the fact that I wrote something fiction wise. Through these tags, I disparaged more than I intended.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer. I blog and write evaluations (and one day, research papers), but that is the extent of my writing. I’m trying to branch out and write something for fun, based on the stories that my fellow WoWers co-create. To be clear: Given the tools provided by WoW my friends are creating some brilliantly written stories. The whole reason why I keep playing the game are these stories. In trying to dismiss my attempts preemptively, I wound up dismissing my primary hobby and creative outlet.

That’s not what I intended. It’s obvious to me that I can’t continue to be dismissive and write more WoW things. So, I’m done mocking myself (and by extension, the efforts of my friends). Even when the WoW Blog is ready, I’ll continue to cross post WoW stuff here.

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