I’ve become a coffee snob. So when I read things like this:

10 Reasons to Choose a Chemex Coffee Brewer :

6. Better Coffee – The simple approach of brewing coffee the Chemex way means better, less adulterated coffee.

and this

The creator of Chemex coffee pot was Peter Schlumbohm, who said, “With the Chemex, even a moron can make good coffee.”

I think, “I can so make a great cup of coffee.”

It turns out that I am a moron. While the entire process is simple, I am used to:

Grinding the beans (Fine grade, not coarse)
Pouring (filtered) water into the Pot I got from Seth
Wetting the Filter
putting the coffee in
Waiting for coffee.

Chemex requires a certain level of attention that I may not be able to muster that early in the morning. The first pot I made was too weak. The second was COLD and watered down. The third pot was also too cold.

The fourth pot is good, but I have had better. I still have to figure out the right grind, temp and amount of grounds for the ever elusive pot of coffee. But, hot damn, the thing is pretty.

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