Welcome To Orange County

I’m in Santa Ana–specifically John Wayne Airport. I have a 12 dollar chicken sammich in front of me, an over priced Sam Addams to my right and a very obnoxious air port voice s-p-e-a-k-i-n-g s-o i-n a s-l-o-w r-o-b-o-t-i-c voice for a companion. The last time I took a connecting flight, it was from Heathrow to Cork. John wayne is no Heathrow…but the sammich is good.

Seattle in a Few Days

Thursday is rapidly approaching. How I am going to get everything done by then is anyone’s guess–I suspect I will be working from home wednesday night. Since I’ve spent the past month working on Intake after Intake, its no wonder why I am falling behind.

It has nothing to do with taking a goddamn lunch break either.

What I am worried about is the inevitable “Post-Seattle Funk” that I will be in on Tuesday. I have taken the morning of Tuesday off so I can get some sleep after my flight–but other than that, I have no idea how I am going to speed up the readjustment process. If you, dear readers, have any ideas, I’ll buy you a pizza. Or a toy. Or a sammich. Or Beer. Or Coffee.

Or a gift certificate to office depot.

On an related note, all of my Seattle photos are of people in Seattle. While people do make a city great, you’d think I’d have at least one picture of the city itself.

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That photo wasn’t exactly candid, nor was it staged. She has now become the number one reason to visit Seattle. Every time I go to Seattle, I come home in a funk. My brother has called it the “post-vacation blues.” One would think that after five years of travelling to the coast, I would be able to shrug this shit off fast. That simply is not the case. This trip the blues are sticking around a little bit longer than normal–and it is not just my adorable goddaughter that I miss this time.

I have two groups of college friends in Seattle–a third group just moved there as well. What made this most recent trip awesome was the addition of East Coasters to the mix. Throw in a healthy heaping of Sydney on the Swing, and you have a weekend that I want on a regular basis.

This is the problem–my free time is a jumble of activities, including work, reading, relaxing, drinking and cleaning. Yes, I clean. Tonight I get to clean up my bathroom. Nothing says bachelor life-style like a clean bathroom….

So many things to do, and so many tangents to follow through on, it is a wonder I can string together a half-decent sentence together. In Seattle, I have one thing to do: Visit people. At home, I have a billion things to do and not enough motivation to get anything really finished.

Take this blog as an example. Is it a journal? Is it a platform for my political views? A place to write up my dating woes (and occasional successes)? Hell, I even set up WordPress options that should allow me to customize the site, and I have not done a damn thing with it.

You can’t beat a funk (which is significantly different than THE FUNK™) with a jamble of goals, ideas and ideals.

So I have got an idea. I am going to pick 4 goals, write up objectives and complete them. In case you are wondering, yes, this is some sort of bastard Getting Things Done productivity hack AND a treatment plan.

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I have no good title

I never finished the posts on my dad. There is part of me that says that this is because i got too busy–but this is simply not true. Blogging is a matter of priorities and lately, blogging has been on the tail end of my priorities. I’ve been reading, writing and social.

As of right now, I’m traveling and watching Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars. Specifically, The Empire Strikes Back. Of all the movies, this one has always been my favorite. I seem to one remember one winter, a long time ago, pretending to be Luke, passing out in the snow. Tony was not pretending to be Han, and I sat outside for a while until my dad yelled at me to get back in the house.

Every time I travel, I end up thinking what I am going to do different when I get back. I think I stick with about half of what I set out to do. The “getting organized at work” and “getting out more” have been able to stick with.

Yup, I am rambling here.

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Every time I get back from a trip visiting friends, I always feel a bit down for a day or two.  The fact that I have fantastic friends everywhere is moot.  I want to see all of my friends whenever I want., and leaving one group to return to another just doesn’t seem fair.

All this traveling has led me to one key idea:  My friends go all out for me when I visit.  They pamper me, won’t let me pay for anything (if they’re fast enough to get the bill) and just go all out.  They give me a chance to think about what I have, and don’t have, back home.

That’s the post that I am really working on.

Things to do on a Plane

In no particular order:

• Compose lists

• Watch the movie that the people in the seat ahead of you are doing.

• Develop a short term crush on the impossibly beautiful girl sitting alone in the front row of the airplane.

• Blog, blog, blog

• Drink overpriced, beer-flavored water (url ML)

• Listen to the Decemberists, Ted Leo, Damien Rice and the Killers.

• Plot out your upcoming web-site.

• Chew Gum.

• Sleep.

• Read the in-flight magazine.

• Look at the crap they peddle in Sky Mall.

• Crossword puzzles.

• Sudoku.

• Create less flattering dialogue for the annoyingly cute couple sitting next to you.

• Read, read read

• Try to remember those “Work out at your office cubicle” exercises you scoffed at a few days before.

• See if any of the other lap-tops on the plane have their Peer to Peer WiFi network on

• Browse said person’s computer.

• Make empty promises to yourself about not visiting anyone next month.

• Make promises to start using your airline miles to visit friends in june.

• Realize that you are going to be doing this again in a week

• Avoid thinking about the date you’re really excited about next week. Work double hard at pretending that you are as cool and collected as you want to be when thinking about said person.

• Suck in your gut for minutes at a time.

• Break out future “Positive things” posts you want to write for your blogs.

• Try not to scoff at the idea of “positive things”

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