Sorry folks, I got nothing today. Absolutely nothing.

Unless, of course, I talk about this new book I’m reading.

I was told to read this The Lies of Locke Lamora by two people. I trust their taste in fiction, even if one of them has a tendency to taunt me with particularly gruesome (and depressing) scenes.

I’m about a third of the way through the book. It reminds me of a game that Will once ran. The much loved–but ill-fated–Thieves Game. Skulduggery, con men, thieves all set in a beautifully executed fantasy world. I’ve been on a con man/glib talker kick in fiction for at least five years now. I think it has become a preferred aspect of the fiction I read.

In the eighty pages I’ve read, Lynch has managed to create and describe a wonderfully detailed setting: Camorr, a rich and diverse city teaming with merchants, peasants, nobles and thieves. Our protagonist, Locke, is clever and nimble, but thus far not particular adept at fighting. He’s the trickster, not the warrior.

All in all, I’d rather be reading the book than blogging or working…which I have to get back to now.

Nerd Memories

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Maybe I’m mashing these memories up, but I also remember I had a copy of Wraith: The Oblivion in my bag (I was the only guy who’d run it, in our group), with its rough-under-the-fingers glow-in-the-dark patch, and that I thought about what it would be like to publish my own games. To create something that would evoke and inspire stories among other groups of friends. I’d known already, since forever, that I wanted to be a writer, but White Wolf put those personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes pages into their books that made it seem like their lives and jobs were all about bottling a vibe.

Will was the primary storyteller of our nerd group. He has planted seeds that even ten years later, still bear fruit. Go read the article.

She’ll tell you about her leg

First, in reference to the title of this post, she fell.  I had nothing to do with her falling. It all stems from this weekend.

Once again, I’m feeling under the weather. I believe this has to do with the rapid temperature changes in Joliet. Why were we in Joliet? Shannon’s cousin got married at Joliet Union Station. Outside it was in the 80s, inside it was in the 40s. I’m sure the booze didn’t help; however, except for the minor headache I had when I woke up, I had no other hangover symptoms. As the day went on, I got more nauseous.

The ill-effects of booze are only a smidge of the bad news I have to report.   Last week, my laptop–my work, blog and all-around-machine–died.  It died a painful death (something to do with the hardware, not the software).  I did manage to back it up before it crashed.  However, I am now out one machine.

I can’t really blog on my desktop computer, mostly because it’s hooked up to the TV and is a media (and video game station) now.  As nice as Shannon’s Dell is, it doesn’t have ecto, nor can I bring it to work with me and jot down blog posts when I have an idea. I will not blog from the only computer we have in the office. That’s just a set-up for a firing. WordPress hates the iPhone. It just does.

What I plan on doing is blogging occasionally from Shannon’s Dell and playing with Twitter updates.

So all I want from my birthday is for my readers to cut me some slack while I figure out what to do about the lack of my laptop.