Silly me, that is a $100 Bill baked in your red velvet cupcakes….

I got a quick email from Shannon this morning about being enrolled in a bake-off. While I have not baked much more than mostacolli and irish chocolate cake, this contest is in the bag. Considering that we get to bribe our judges AND one of the judges is easily swayed by Red Velvet Cupcakes (a speciality I glean from my grandmother in a five minute phone call), I cannot see how we can lose.

Also, and to be fair, more importantly, members of my team have some experience with cooking school. Seriously. This is a win.

I do have a few other posts coming up; specifically, about a concert I just went to that, for a few minutes, made me want to go back to church. This is not to go back to church and punch out a priest–but actually go to and participate in Mass.

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17 thoughts on “Silly me, that is a $100 Bill baked in your red velvet cupcakes….

  1. It’s going to take more than $100 and red velvet cupcakes to win over this judge. I go for food and really really good food. We’re talking quality. That’s how to win me over. Oh, quantity too. Don’t forget the quantity.

  2. Why are all the judges hanging out over here?

    I’m over here to see what all the big Chicago talk is about.

    UC, it’s good you weren’t judging last year when I won with my *meh* entry. Pinko is still on my shit list. I hope he’s not entering this year.

  3. I’m hanging out here since it’s the first trackback I’ve ever come across that wasn’t spam. Also, I’m hoping to get me some more cookies. Jennifer, the only way we can unequivocably refute Pinko’s claim is for you to bake me the same entry you did last year and let me judge it for myself.

  4. UC- although there was a time when I would have gladly sent you cookies, there is no way I would ever do it to refute some half-assed thing Pinko said.

    He lost last year and he’ll lose this year for trash-talking a judge.

    On that note- I’m hoping Chicago can still retain the crown and cornman!

  5. I think it’s so funny that everyone has migrated over here with the smack talk.

    One Pretentious Bastard’s probably like, Get the hell out of here!

    Remember Chicago cheaters! Dead people may be able to vote in elections where you come from — but not in this bake-off!

  6. I think it’s so funny that everyone has migrated over here with the smack talk.

    BG- I was thinking the same thing.

    Chicago bakers… remember to bake early and bake often!! And don’t underestimate the power of BG’s lime green Play-Doh wreaths!!

    Is Chuckles actually going to bake?

  7. I had hoped that people were coming because i am a fresh faced, witty young writer. The truth is one line of smack talk brings out the judges and the competition.

    I welcome the competition. From our team’s perch at #! (and Don’t worry UC and Jennifer, We’ve got plans to keep you happy too) we’ll love to see who comes in 2, 3 and 4th place.

  8. Officer Gleason speaks!

    You’re going to have to work pretty hard… I’m last year’s winner and a fellow Chicagoan… not to mention, BG’s my fairy blogmother so she already has 8 million points and she hasn’t even lifted a finger.

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