International Hot Damn Day


Tomorrow, One Pretentious Bastard will host the first annual HOT DAMN! DAY. What is HOT DAMN! DAY? Glad you asked…

Back in College, whenever a number of us were upset, we would gather in the middle of a quad and yell HOT DAMN before heading off to IHOP or Perkins or some other late-night stop. The point was to just let go for a minute and just allow oneself to get through a series of rough or stressful times. We can’t really do a HOT DAMN! DAY on campus anymore, nor should people in large urban environments walk out into their neighborhood and scream HOT DAMN!

So I am inviting people–friends, fellow bloggers, acquaintances–to post a HOT DAMN tomorrow. A random yell may do us all a lot of good.

3 thoughts on “International Hot Damn Day

  1. How did I miss this? It evens features a hilarious photo of The Genius and The Bastard? ARGH-I mean, HOT DAMN!

    I’m off for a post-Hot Damn Day beer and pizza run with the lads.

    PS. Never leave The Bastard and The Genius alone in your African Safari because we will drink your booze, steal your Land Rover, and attempt to find some monkey doing it so we can laugh at them.

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