Ask a Bastard: Nobody Likes Monday Anyway

Twenty-four hours later, I answer the question you didn’t know you had.

Chuckles asks: “OPB, have you grown soft? What the fuck is wrong with you not posting anything political in a while?”

The answer, of course, is no. I have not grown soft. Not wanting to fight–because that comes before any possible discourse–and not being familiar enough with the economics of the stimulus package (And I’ll put money on the idea that most people don’t know enough about the stimulus package) I’m not going to get involved in this particular debate.

Lately, I’ve been too busy with other things–like trying to be creative and write speeches–to think about politics. I also do not have the energy required to discuss items with the so called “loyal opposition.” Cutting through the bullshit cited by Faux News and blow hards like Rush “I’m addicted to Oxycotin” Limbaugh as well as the bullshit of the Republican (and, to be fair, Democrats who do not believe Art and Education are important to a great society) is a full time job.

Tune in next week where I invent more questions or answer real important ones.

2 thoughts on “Ask a Bastard: Nobody Likes Monday Anyway

  1. Dear Bastard,

    Two questions:

    1) As a trainee pretentious bastard, what should I be drinking in public to cultivate my image? Obscure microbrews? Anti-anti-anti-ironic “lite” beers? Mongolian barleywine?

    2) I am seriously considering a pilgrimage to the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware in the next couple of years. You in?

  2. For next week:

    Why do directors,writers,producer etc., INSIST on remaking horror movies and/or classic 80’s movies?

    Are they lazy or just have no imagination?

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